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198B0119980617The costs of widespread burglary in Britain are enormous - in terms of both insurance claims and emotional distress.|Over the next four weeks, Gerry Northam talks to some of the people fighting back by joining Neighbourhood Watch.|1: The residents of one rural street gather for their inaugural meeting; and the woman who had her garden stolen and is now the organisation's national leader.
198B0219980624Gerry Northam continues his look at issues surrounding Neighbourhood Watch.|2: The story of what can go wrong when police and volunteers do not see eye to eye.
198B0319980701Gerry Northam continues his look at issues surrounding Neighbourhood Watch.|3: The psychological effects of domestic burglary.
198B0419980708Gerry Northam concludes his series on domestic burglary by looking at what the future may hold.|Might the police become bystanders as burglar-alarm monitoring services, insurance companies, local authorities and neighbourhood watch schemes grapple with crime which affects one house in Britain every minute?