On The Outside

A week of stories about characters on the sidelines.

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AR01Yesterday's Man20070108A week of stories about characters on the sidelines.By Zita Adamson, read by David Collins>.|Recently retired from the world of full-time academia, Michael finds it hard not to feel his star is in decline, particularly as his wife's career seems to be taking off.
AR02Carolina Here I Come20070109By Morag Mcintyre Hadley, read by Devon Black and Declan Wilson.|'His voice was melting honey dripping from a silver spoon', remembers Helen, as she sits, packed and waiting for the letter she's sure will come to tell her to make her way to join her GI boyfriend in Carolina.
AR03A Place To Be Filled20070110By Roy Granville, read by Michael Fenton-stevens.|Baxter has a toothache and desperately needs to see a dentist, but insider information on an outside bet called 'Long Shorts' demands his attention.
AR04The War Game20070111By Stella Goorney, read by Amy Clifton.|Beulah is shunned by her schoolmates because she has a gypsy background, but after an air raid they decide to include her in a war game.
AR05 LASTThe Truth About Me And Dick Whittington20070112By Ursula Wills-Jones, read by Stuart Crossman.|A contemporary re-telling of the classic tale from the viewpoint of a cat in control.