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Declan Curry with lively analysis of the big business stories making the headlines.

All the latest business news with Declan Curry and guests - giving you a head start on the working week.

John Timpson, the boss of high street shoe repair business Timpsons, is in the studio telling us why he's confident people will keep mending things on the high street. We'll ask him if fixing shoes is a bet against consumer culture?

Julie Kenny founded the Rotherham based manufacturers Pyronix in 1987. Now with two factories in South Yorkshire and one in China we'll discuss how you keep jobs local when you're selling global.

And Lee Hopley is the Chief Economist for the EEF. She serves UK Manufacturing by day but this Sunday evening will be in the studio with Declan to cast an eye across the news - from the meat industry to the week's big business mergers.

All the news and information you need to get a head start on the working week.

Declan Curry is joined by the Europe boss of Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant that's been in the news this week, and the Managing Director of Union Industries, Isobel Schofield - or as colleagues on the factory floor call her, "Mrs S".

We'll discuss how big global business handles grumbling national governments with Tim Watkins, Huawei's Vice President in Western Europe. And we'll talk to our manufacturing boss about staying competitive in international markets - and how she started out in business selling tarpaulin and rope.