On The Ground


ARThe Big Issue Fox20031211

by Gillian Tindall.

There was a time when there weren't any foxes in London, even in the distant suburbs; and there weren't any street beggars either.

But that was years and years ago; now, both must risk life on the city streets.

Read by Anna Massey


by Kate Courage.

It's curfew time at the children's home, and Ben is still out in the park with an empty bottle of vodka in his pocket.

But he can look after himself? He's been doing it ever since his Nanna died.

Read by Stuart Crossman

AR03 LASTGoing Home20031212

by Carol Ann Frazer.

For Fred, the old people's home is probably no worse than any other; he sits in the leatherette armchair, and remembers a small girl in a secondhand coat with a rabbit's fur collar running towards him across a snow-covered lawn.

Read by Bill Wallis