On The Cusp

Five women reveal their intimate thoughts as they face turning-points in their lives.


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The first of a series of snapshots, focusing on the lives of four ordinary South Africans, living through a period of extraordinary social and political change.

Riyadh Najaar , a Moslem living in Cape Town, is head of history at a Coloured Secondary School. He dreams of educational equality and breeding another prize-winning racing pigeon. Reporter Noreen Alexander.

Producer Nick Clarke

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920602]

Unknown: Riyadh Najaar

Reporter: Noreen Alexander.

Producer: Nick Clarke

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"Here in South Africa, we're on a rollercoaster.

We must buckle up, hang on and hope that the train doesn't leave the tracks."

Carol Alexander is a wealthy socialite whose lifestyle and home reflect the terror of civil violence and unchecked crime sweeping the country. Reporter

Noreen Alexander. Producer Nick Clarke

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Unknown: Carol Alexander

Unknown: Noreen Alexander.

Producer: Nick Clarke

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"We associate ourselves with the Israelites in bondage in Egypt. We hope for a liberated nation and the church must keep that spirit alive."

Rev Spiwo Xapiwe , of the black Reformed

Presbyterian Church, ministers to a parish of 100,000 which encompasses extremes of poverty in three Cape Town squatter camps including "Crossroads".

Reporter Noreen Alexander. Producer Nick Clarke

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920616]

Unknown: Spiwo Xapiwe

Reporter: Noreen Alexander.

Producer: Nick Clarke

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Last in the series.

"The Health Centre belongs to the people of Alex. They could sell it and buy beer but they won't."

As South Africa struggles to find a new identity, is the model for the new nation already operating at the Alexandra Health

Centre? Dr Tim Wilson combats Third World health problems in the First World city of Johannesburg, in the only medical centre serving a black community of 250,000. Reporter Noreen Alexander.

Producer Nick Clarke

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920623]

Unknown: Dr Tim Wilson

Reporter: Noreen Alexander.

Producer: Nick Clarke

01The Last Bridesmaid20070115

By Emma Reeves, read by Lydia Baksh.

Lynnette loves food, alco-pops and dancing, and hasn't noticed that the rest of the old gang have moved on.

Now that she's nearly 30, and about to be a bridesmaid for her best friend, can she take control of her life?

02Rocking Time20070116

By Elizabeth Lewis, read by Caroline Harker.

As she celebrates turning 40, Georgie has one unrealised ambition, hidden behind the confident mask of the successful TV producer - she desperately wants to have a baby.

03Other People's Skin20070117

By Candy Neubert, read by Angela Barlow.

On the verge of 50 and single again, Lizzie has learnt to suppress her desires, even for chocolate.

Then a stranger brings the chance for a new awakening.

04Dear Mr Qwerty20070118

By Anne Greer, read by Nerys Hughes.

Margaret would have liked to go on typing letters for kind Mr Worthington after her 60th birthday, but the boss' new wife has plans for the office - and they don't include Margaret or her beloved manual typewriter.

05 LASTSoixante-neuf *20070119

By Juliet Ace, read by Celia Hewitt.

Jill might be nearly 70 and a grandmother, but her plans for her next move are definitely not family-centred.

She's going to enjoy life's pleasures to the full, right in the heart of London.