On Stage At Cheltenham

Stories by writers at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature


AR01Clackety Clack Down The Track: Telling Train Stories20011015

Tracy Chevalier, author of `Girl with a Pearl Earring', reads her new essay about the art of storytelling.

AR01The First Wife20021014

by Penelope Lively

AR01The Wrong Boy2000101620001210

Willy Russell reads an extract from his newly published first novel.

AR02Learning To Fly2000101720001217

Jane Gardam reads her short story set in South Africa.

AR02Not A Nice Person20011016

Fay Weldon reads from her new novel, `The Bulgari Connection', at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature.

AR02The Good Hope20021015

by Maggie Gee.

Joe and Amber take a summer break and discover more about themselves than they expected.


Orange Prize-winner Kate Grenville reads a story about the Australian outback.

AR03Ghost Wedding20021016

by Justin Cartwright.


Jane Rogers reads from her new book `Island', a story of accidental murder.


A tale of food, ambition and national pride in Sri Lanka, by Romesh Genesekera.

AR04Talking To Strangers20021017

by Erica Wagner.

An overworked New York doctor falls asleep and misses her stop on the subway.

AR04The Audioguide20011018

Toby Litt with a new short story.

AR05 LAST20021018
AR05 LASTPhysics And Chemistry2000102020010107

Scandal cements a staff-room romance in a poignant new story by Sara Davies

AR05 LASTTed Hughes20011019

Elaine Feinstein reads from her biography of the late Poet Laureate.