Olive Schreiner

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19701208]a portrait by RUTH FIRST with Dorothy Black as Olive Schreiner|Anthony Jacobs as Narrator|Olive Schreiner , who died 50 years ago this week, was the first great woman artist and feminist from South Africa,|Ruth First , now living in London, was imprisoned for four months without charge during the South African Treason Trial.|Readers RUTH FIRST|GRIZELDA HERVEY, LEO MAGUIRE DIANA ROBSON , ANTONY VICCARS Produced by R. D. SMITH|(Olive Schreiner 's masterpiece, 'The Story of an African Farm ': Story Time, 28 Dec)


Unknown: Dorothy Black|Unknown: Olive Schreiner|Unknown: Anthony Jacobs|Narrator: Olive Schreiner|Unknown: Ruth First|Unknown: Leo Maguire|Unknown: Diana Robson|Produced By: R. D. Smith|Produced By: Olive Schreiner|Lyndall }: Olive Gregg|Rebekah: Ollve Gregg|Havelock Ellis: John Richmond|Samuel Cronwright: David Lytton