Olga's Story

ByStephanie Wiliams, abridged byMiranda Davies, read bySara Kestelman.



Stephanie Williams sets off on the trail of her grandmother Olga, born in a remote Siberian frontier town at the dawn of theRussian Revolution.


After the revolution of 1905, life in Olga's town in Siberia continues as peacefully as before.

It's not long, however, before the townspeople become aware of unrest elsewhere in Russia.


It is now 1914 and Russia has entered into the war against Germany.

Before long the effects of the war, and the first whispers of revolution, have reached even Olga's remote Siberian town.


It is now 1917 and Russian is suffering terrible losses in the war against Germany.

The Tsar has abdicated and the people of Siberia are hoping for greater freedom and democracy under the new regime.

But a small band of Bolsheviks is gathering power.

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By the summer of 1918, Olga's town in Siberia has fallen to the Bolsheviks.

Her brother Volodya is living across the border in Mongolia where he's assembling a force to fight the Reds.

He sends a message to Olga, asking her to meet him in Mai-mai C'hen.