Old Lady, The

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A01High Noon20000717`High Noon'. The Bank of England - the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - is in the throes of unprecedented change. In the first of three programmes, Lesley Curwen steps behind the scenes at the 300-year-old institution to tell the story of how interest rates are set by the Bank, culminating in the monthly announcement at noon on a Thursday.
A02Lifting The Veil20000724`Lifting the Veil'. In the second of three programmes about the Bank of England, Lesley Curwen examines how its secretive culture has changed since the Second World War and how the legacy of one of its most influential governors lasted throughout the 20th century.
A03 LASTStanding Alone20000731`Standing Alone'. Concluding the three-part series about the Bank of England, Lesley Curwen examines its international work and looks at how the Bank's role might change if Britain decides to adopt the euro.