Of Love And Other Demons

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2002042120030629Dramatised by Chris Dolan from the novel by Gabriel García Márquez.|The story of a doomed love affair in 18th century Colombia between a priest and a young girl held captive in a convent.|Sierva Maria - daughter of a slave trader and a half-blood Indian mother - is bitten by a rabid dog at a slave market and survives while others bitten by the same dog are soon dead.|Rumours begin to spread that the girl is possessed by the devil and a priest, Father Delaura, is sent to examine her - and, if necessary, to carry out an exorcism.|But Delaura falls under the spell of Sierva Maria.|Delaura....Samuel West Sierva....Jasmine Hyde Gabriel....Raad Rawi Bishop....Anthony Bate Abrenuncio....Timothy West Marquis....Andrew Sachs Josefa....Maggie Steed Dominga/Nun....Janice Acquah Nun....Hannah Dee Viceroy/Gaffer....David Timson Slave dealer/workman....Carl Prekopp Director: Bruce Young