A celebrated cardiologist is driven to distraction by a persistent odour. Where is it coming from? It pervades the whole of his life and he becomes obsessed by it. When he finally discovers the cause, he is devastated. A black comedy by James O'Neill.

Phillip....Tim McInnerny

Alex....Kathryn Hunt

Susan....Fiona Clark

Roger/Consultant....Conrad Nelson

Mary....Yusra Warsama

Producer Gary Brown

Phillip Fallow may be a little sharp with his colleagues but to the outside world he is a celebrated humanitarian who helps overseas students come over to study. But his life starts to unravel when he is dogged by a persistent smell and has to finally face some uncomfortable truths.

Together with Eamonn O'Neill and Martin Shea, James O'Neill has written extensively for stage, radio and TV comedy. They have written for shows as diverse as Big Train and Lenny Henry. For Radio 4, they have written a number of afternoon plays, including Happily Never After which was nominated for the Peter Tinniswood award, and In The Garden starring Anthony Sher.

Celebrated cardiologist Philip Fallow becomes unravelled by a smell he can't locate.