Odd Balls


0101Emma Harper, Tussles In A Theme Village20010103

Ex-headteacher Emma Harper writes a column for a village newspaper, but when she is poached by the local radio station, her gossip programme leads to controversy, anger and revenge.

With Marcia Warren, David Holt, Ian Brooker and Robert Lister.

Directed by Julie Beckett.

0102Bill Bosun, Speedily To School20010110

Bill is the popular driver of the country school bus, whose speed at the wheel makes school journeys a hazard - and an adventure. With Shaun Curry, Peter Meakin, Russell Dixon and Jillie Meers

0103Stan Rooker, Night Receptionist20010117

Late one Saturday night, Wilfred Parkin brings a man with a strange problem to the hospital reception. Stan Rooker is oddly reluctant to call the doctor. With Terry Molloy, Paul Copley and Barry Farrimond.

0104Jack Acorn, Disputed Inheritance20010124

When Fred Melthorpe inherits an estate from his estranged father, he also inherits Jack Acorn, the general factotum. But Jack is not all he seems. With John Webb, Stephen Tomlin, Alex Trinder and Pauline Jefferson. Directed by Julie Beckett.