This drama about UK activism tells the story of what happened when radio producers got a little too close to the action.

With recordings of the protests mixed with drama recordings, actual participants mixed with actors, Occupied creates a world of sound that is both authentic and original.

The play is made in collaboration with artist and activist John Jordan; as well containing sound from within the Fortnum and Mason sit-in it also documents the actual moments when a crowd of activists decide to make camp outside St Paul's cathedral.

What emerges is not only a play about three people trying to make a play - it's about how and why people protest in the UK.


Simon: Simon Kane

James: James Lance

Iain: Iain Robertson

Emma: Louise Ford

George: Niall Ashdown

Theo: Dominic Hawksley

Gemma: Gemma Brockis

Other parts were played by Katie Bentley and Benjie Dudgeon.

Sound and music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques

Producer/Director: Boz Temple-Morris

A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.

Drama about UK activism that was recorded during actual protest actions.