The Observations

In 1863, a young Irish prostitute escapes her former life when she's hired as a maid in a big house near Edinburgh.



  • arabella reid....Candida Benson
  • bessy buckley....Lucy Paterson
  • bridget....Cara Kelly
  • by.... Jane Harris
  • chemist....Kenny Blyth
  • davy flemyng....Grant O'rourke
  • dr mcgregor....Kenny Blyth
  • dramatised by.... Chris Dolan
  • duncan pollock....Kenny Blyth
  • followed by news
  • grocer....Grant O'rourke
  • james reid....Jimmy Chisholm
  • james reid....jimmy chisolm
  • janet....Rose Mcbain
  • muriel....Suzanne donaldson
  • nurse....Patricia Kavanagh
  • rev pollock....Crawford Logan
  • stranger....Patricia Kavanagh

  • 01*20070205

    Her new employer has secrets of her own - and both women are soon engaged in a delicate game of deception.


    As Bessy begins her new life as a maid at Castle Haivers, her employer makes some very odd requests.


    Bessy discovers that Arabella is writing a book about domestic servants - and there's an unflattering new chapter on Bessy's life as a prostitute.


    Bessy discovers that one of the previous maids at Castle Haivers died in mysterious circumstances.


    Bessy pretends that the ghost of a previous maid has come back to haunt the occupants of Castle Haivers.


    Bessy dupes her mistress into believing that the ghost of a former maid has returned to haunt Castle Haivers - but her plan backfires.


    Bessy is trying to unravel the mystery of Nora's death when her mistress reveals a secret.


    Bessy's past life as a prostitute threatens to catch up with her.


    Bessy's deceptions have tipped her mistress into insanity - and an unwanted guest arrives.

    10 LAST*20070216

    A second tragedy on the railway line brings an unexpected conclusion for Bessy and Arabella.