Oath, The

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20111221In realms of science as diverse as vaccine safety, cloning, drugs trials, climate research, psychology and palaeontology, the behaviour of scientists has come in for harsh public criticism.|In some cases, published research has turned out to be fraudulent or conducted unethically.|Other actions or omissions in recent controversies have been condemned as misleading, economical with the truth or avoiding openness.|So, should scientists sign up to an ethical code of behaviour along the lines of the Hippocratic Oath and what specific clauses should they promise to uphold?|Science broadcaster Adam Rutherford chairs a discussion with a panel of scientists, ethicists and commentators to formulate an Oath for scientists to take.|The panel will include Bad Science columnist and epidemiologist Ben Goldacre.|Dr Adam Rutherford was a biologist and is now a regular presenter of science shows on Radio 4, such as The Material World, Science Betrayed and Frontiers.|He also presents science television programmes on BBC2 and BBC4.|Producer: Andrew Luck-Baker.|What should be in a Hippocratic Oath for scientists?