Not Today, Thank You

Comedy series, part sitcom and part sketches, featuring a washed-up radio presenter down on his luck and forced to live in his grandmother's house with six eccentric tenants - whilst trying to host a local radio show from a studio in his basement.



Brian is approached by a TV producer who wants to televise his radio show for the channel's 12-24 age group.

02Sexy Tenant20060829

Brian falls in love with his new tenant only to find that all the other tenants have been enjoying favours in her room - except him.


Brian is shocked to discover that someone has defaced his precious brand new statue - of himself!.


Brian returns from evensong claiming to have run over a hedgehog.

But when Neville discovers a policeman's helmet under the bumper, Brian starts quaking with fear.


After winning the Cleanest Landlord of the Year Award, Brian discovers mouse droppings in his microwave.

06 LASTDeportation20060926

Brian has his widowed mother's allowance terminated after it emerges that he's not a UK citizen and faces deportation.

Is Brian Hughes heading back Down Under for good?