The Norman Way

David Aaronovitch explores what happens during a regime change - the regime change in question being the one in 1066.



What drew the Normans to England? Were the Anglo-Saxons really so unsophisticated - and were the Normans really the inventors of feudalism? Was King Harold really killed by an arrow in the eye? How much of what we think we know is due to Norman spin-doctors?


Having conquered the English at the battle of Hastings, what changes did the new Norman rulers bring in - and what aspects of Anglo-Saxon rule did they leave untouched? What was life like under the Norman yoke?

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The victors were Norman, the vanquished were Anglo-Saxon - yet today we speak English, not French.

So when Norman rule was imposed upon Anglo-Saxons, what was the effect of the culture-clash - and what were the wonders and blunders of the Anglo-Norman realm?