The Noble Romans

Adaptation of Shakespeare - Julius Caesar (1-3) & Anthony and Cleopatra (4-6)


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As Cassius hatches a plot to murder Julius Caesar, Brutus agonises over whether to participate.

Adaptation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

As Cassius plots to murder Caesar, Brutus agonises over whether to participate.

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Marc Anthony arrives in Rome and stirs up the people.

Adaptation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

03Let The Battle Begin1979000020040714 (BBC7)
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Cassius and Brutus fight to the death against Marc Anthony and Octavius.

Adaptation of Shakespeare's play.

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Cleopatra is left devastated by Anthony's actions.

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When Anthony forsakes his new wife and returns to Cleopatra he incurs the wrath of Caesar.

06 LAST1979000020040719 (BBC7)
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20060827 (BBC7)

Dickon Reed's adaptation of Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra reaches its tragic conclusion.