No Way Home - A Cuban Dancer's Story

Jot Davies reads from ballet superstar Carlos Acosta's enchanting and inspirational memoir.


01A Bunch Of Stars20071217

The great grandson of a plantation slave, Acosta grows up in a poor suburb of Havana.

02The Prix De Lausanne20071218

Forced by his father to attend ballet school, the lonely teenager initially falls into bad ways.

But he turns his life around through hard work, winning the world's most prestigious junior ballet competition.

03A Fairytale Prince20071219

At the age of 18, Carlos is invited to dance as a principal with the English National Ballet.

04* Hardship In My Homeland20071220

The break-up of the USSR wreaks havoc on the Cuban economy, but the rising star dazzles audiences around the world.

05 LAST* The World Will Be Mine20071221

Carlos represents Nureyev at the opening of the restored Royal Opera House and becomes the first black principal to dance at Covent Garden.