No Particular Place To Go

A series of radio essays in which acclaimed travel writers examine four great works of British travel literature, books that changed the way we saw the world and the art of writing about it.



Written by Robert Rigby.

Iraq veteran, Alex, is finding it hard to adapt to his latest mission as an undercover security guard patrolling the floors of a provincial department store.

And shoplifter Simon has his own tactics and escape and evasion plans.


Alex - Steve Nicolson

Simon - Rikki Lawton

Jude / Ken - Ben Crowe

Helen - Teresa Gallagher

Chorus - Robert Rigby

Location Recording: Lucinda Mason Brown

Sound Design: David Chilton

Original Songs: Robert Rigby

Producer: Nick Russell-Pavier

A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.

Iraq veteran Alex finds it hard to adjust to his new role as a security guard.


William Dalrymple pays homage to Fanny Parkes, author of A Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque, an 18th century chronicle of her travels in India.

Dalrymple considers Parkes' extraordinary achievement in bringing a 'true picture of early colonial India' to life.


Tahir Shah sheds light on one of the giants of 20th-century British travel writing, Bruce Chatwin, and his acclaimed account of Aboriginal Australia in The Songlines.


Colin Thubron celebrates Robert Byron's seminal 1937 travelogue, The Road to Oxiana.

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Joanna Kavenna discusses the significance of Louis Macneice and W H Auden's Letters from Iceland (1937), a ground-breaking mixture of travelogue, poetry and prose.