Nightingale Sang In Fernhurst Road

Christopher Matthew's gently comic tale of life in postwar suburban Surrey.


01A Brief Period Of Rejoicing20070910

Twelve-year-old Guy and his mother have been getting along happily together.

However, his father's return from the army is imminent and things will be very different.

02The Hero's Return *20070911

The end of the war brings new worries for Guy.

Will Daddy be back in time for the fathers and sons cricket match?

03Father And Son *20070912

The welcome home party doesn't quite go as planned, but Guy has other surprises up his sleeve.

04Wrens Drink Beer20070913

As war with Japan ends, Guy's father is trying to adjust to civilian life.

Guy and his mother are trying to adjust to having someone else in charge.

05 LASTWould You Like To Kiss Me? *20070914

Life gets complicated for Guy when everybody suddenly starts kissing everybody else.

Ballroom dancing lessons from a poodle don't help.