A Night On The Town With

How did great thinkers come up with their ideas? Historian Julian Putkowski goes for real night out in the company of.

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01Darwin In Edinburgh - Dropping Out20040920

As a medical student Darwin couldn't stomach anatomy.

So he hung out with fishermen and a black taxidermist with some peculiar ideas about beaks.

It ends up as a night at the opera.

02Marx At The Red Lion - Soho-cialist20040921

After a day freelancing in the library, a knackered dad goes for a jar and a jaw in Soho. A spy report provides the details on the balding beardy with the apocalyptic vision.

03Simone De Beauvoir And Nelson Algren - 'slumming It In Chicago'20040922

The mother of modern feminism falls for a boozy streetwise scrivener. What happens to the political when things get personal?

Simone de Beauvoir: "One is not born, but rather becomes a woman."

Nelson Algren: "She says a woman is something between a man and a eunuch...but that's quite a lady in the sack.".

04Freud In Manchester20040923

Freud's night out turns into a night in as he writes bathetic love letters under a Spanish pseudonym.

05 LASTNietzsche In Köln- A Walk On The Dark Side20040924

Other worldly Nietzsche joins a student brotherhood given to boozing, duelling and carousing. He wakes up disillusioned with a migraine and syphilis primed for fresh thoughts and prophecies.