Night Class

Johnny Vegas stars in this darkly brilliant comedy about loss, failure, alcoholism, loathing, desperation, loneliness and other humorous subjects. Johnny is a failed Butlins Redcoat on extended, and if the holiday camp have anything to do with it, permanent leave. To keep the wolf from the door (and because the Job Centre insist), he accepts a job as a night class pottery tutor in St. Helen's. But his hopeless, lonely pupils are totally ill-equipped for the tornado of emotional wreckage he is about to inflict on their empty lives.


20150419 (BBC7)

Johnny Vegas is a failed Redcoat forced onto extended leave. The job centre insists he accept a job as a pottery teacher.

20150426 (BBC7)

The night class students embark on their first pottery assignment, with varying degrees of failure. Although no one can match the horrors of Rebecca's perverse - and highly individual - creation. Meanwhile, Johnny singles Carol out for his own unique, one-to-one attention.

20150503 (BBC7)

Pottery teacher Johnny Vegas has his class put the kiln to unconventional use, namely a dog cremation. From September 2002.

Dark, painfully funny comedy, written by and starring Johnny Vegas. Anne suffers the loss of her beloved dog under her son's taxi wheels, and decides to cremate him (the dog, that is). The kiln is then put to unconventional use, under the sympathetic guidance of pottery teacher Johnny. Some of the class need a little persuasion.


Rather unwisely, the pottery class are allowed out for the day on a field-trip to a local sculpture park - with the Principal following close at their heels to try and stave off the chaos that she is sure will ensue. Perhaps due to the effects of fresh air and inspirational art, some unusual couplings are formed within the group, and some worrying secrets revealed.

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The day of reckoning has arrived, and the examiner is due to pass judgement on the class' less than orthodox ceramic offerings. The group are shocked by their results, while Johnny's gently persuasive attempts to make the examiner re-consider, leave her fearing for her life. And in a surprise revelation by the Principal, the real reason behind Johnny's extended leave from Butlins is revealed.