Nice Work



Philippa Lamb explores issues affecting our working lives.


Philippa Lamb presents the series focusing on the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb presents the series focusing on the issues that change and shape our working lives. This edition asks whether the clergy should have the same rights as other mortals.


Philippa Lamb looks at the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb looks at the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb presents the essential guide to the world of work. This edition asks just how computer literate we all are and whether e-mail is good for business.


Philippa Lamb looks at radical new rules to make employers consult their staff over major decisions. And we'll be re-visiting the story of how a group of young disabled people are faring in the world of work.


Philippa Lamb focuses on the issues that change and shape our working lives. Today, looking at why 3,000 people contract occupational asthma every year, an entirely preventable condition.


Philippa Lamb presents the series focusing on the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb presents the series focusing on the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb looks at new employment rights proposed for the clergy and also asks how you find out what you should be earning.


How would you feel if your colleagues knew your salary? Phillippa Lams visits two companies where this is standard policy.


Philippa Lamb takes an international look at retirement: As much of the developed world is having to deal with an ageing population what are other countries doing to keep older people working longer.


Philippa Lamb reviews business books offering advice on how to become an entrepreneur.

She speaks to a psychiatrist who argues that all successful entrepreneurs are a bit crazy.


With 2.7 million people claiming incapacity benefit, Philippa Lamb asks how successful the government plans will be in getting many of them back to work.


Philippa Lamb talks to business gurus Charles Handy and Rosabeth Moss Kanter about future trends in the workplace.


How difficult is it for young people to become entrepreneurs? Philippa Lamb and guests discuss whether setting up your own business is now a realistic career option for school leavers and graduates.


Philippa Lamb and guests discuss the type of work we'll be doing in the next 50 years and which jobs might have disappeared altogether.


This week sees the return of a six-part series of Nice Work.

The programme, presented by Philippa Lamb, looks at the world of work and, in programme one, asks whether or not flexibility is really what a British Workforce wants.

Will recent legislation be a help or hindrance? Are employers ready to embrace the changing needs of their staff, and just how fulfilling is the balancing act between work and home life?


Philippa Lamb presents the series focusing on the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb presents the magazine on the world of work.

This edition asks why pregnant women are still suffering from discrimination and how long-term illness is diagnosed.


"Philippa Lamb brings you all the latest news and trends from the world of work, in BBC Radio 4's essential guide to the work place.

203B05Returning Women, Commuting, And Spirituality20030715

"Radio 4's essential guide to the world of work.

Phillipa Lamb looks at the problems facing women returning to work after a career break.

Also how far would you be willing to commute to work? New rules mean that if you've been looking for a job for three months, you'll have to consider working up to one-and-a-half hours journey time away.

Plus, bringing spirituality into the workplace.



Philippa Lamb presents the series focusing on the issues that change and shape our working lives.


Philippa Lamb presents a guide to the world of work, looking at how easy it is to find clarity when you reach a crossroad at work and feel you need a career change.

204A02Gender At Work20040302

Today, the gender war at work.

Is it time for the government to get tough on the issue of equal pay? And good business for everyone why companies are becoming socially responsible.


Today's programme follows some of the UK's most high profile business executives as they set off to explore the North Pole and asks how they hope the experience will improve their leadership skills.

And how some companies are doing all they can to cling onto their staff - what does it take to keep the people you can't afford to lose?


The series on work asks why so many companies are choosing to fill some of their top jobs with temporary managers who commit themselves to stay only for a matter of months.

Plus a report on UK building sites that are cracking down on the bad practice which leads to ill-health.


A look at the issue of flexibility in the workplace a year on from the government's initiative to improve work life balance.

Plus corporate volunteering - why altruism can pay off.

204A06Corporate Killing Legislation20040330

Today's programme looks at the upcoming Corporate Killing legislation - will it make it easier to put directors in the dock? And how would you like to work for a company where you can take as much paid leave as you like? Sounds too good to be true.

Perhaps it is.

204B01Workplace Diversity20040629

Philippa Lamb returns with a new series of Nice Work.

This week we look at how companies are trying to achieve more racially diverse workforces and whether business benefits as a result.

204B02Workplace Creativity20040706

Bosses all around the country are trying to encourage their employees to be more creative.

Nice Work asks how they are doing this and what they hope to gain.

204B03Trekking To The Artic And The Weight Of The Workforce20040713

Philippa Lamb asks how trekking to the Arctic improves your leadership skills.

And should UK business worry about the weight of its workforce?


Nice Work examines why productivity in this country still lags behind our competitors, and asks what bosses are doing to make their employees more productive.

204B05 LASTWorker Power20040727

A look at the issue dividing unions and bosses - the demise of company pension schemes.

And what must it be like to work for a company without managers?

204D01Office Design20041026

Philippa Lamb returns with a new series of Nice Work.

Today, she investigates office design.

How is it changing and what impact does it have on our working lives?


is a hidden problem in the workplace.

Philippa Lamb asks whether companies should be doing more to get their employees the help they need.

204D03Flexible Working20041109

Employers now accept that staff have the right to ask to work flexibly, but is it possible to work part-time and still progress up the career ladder? Philippa Lamb investigates.


If you smoke it may not just be your health that you are risking.

Your job prospects may also be in jeopardy as some companies now advertise jobs specifying that only non-smokers need apply.

But are employers entitled to have a say over what you do outside work? And with greater numbers of us than ever before concerned that we may suffer aggression at work, what are companies doing to ease our fears?

Philippa Lamb investigates.

204D05The Aging Workforce20041123

Philippa Lamb looks at the ageing workforce.

Are we facing fifty years of work as pension shortfalls mean we can't afford to retire? How will people adapt to a longer working life?

204D06 LASTManagement Training20041130

Philippa Lamb looks at management training and MBA qualifications.

Have they improved leadership qualities within domestic companies?

205A01Long Term Unemployed20050301

Philippa Lamb investigates what is being done to encourage the long term unemployed back into the labour market.

205A02China - Part 120050308

As part of the BBC's China Week, Philippa Lamb examines working life in China.

Could you have a Chinese boss in the future? Plus the hi-tech sector, why companies are investing in Chinese brainpower.

205A03China - Part 220050315

In the second of two programmes on China, Philippa Lamb looks at what is being done to try to reform the country's working conditions.


Philippa Lamb looks at the workplace experiences of dyslexics and discovers they are by no means all bad.

Plus a look at the arguments for a living wage.

205A05The Wi-fi Office20050329

How long before we all work in a wireless environment, free of telephones and fixed workstations? Philippa Lamb investigates.

205A06 LASTLeadership20050405

Philippa Lamb looks at Servant Leadership, a holistic approach to work through shared decision making.

The practice is common in America, but can it work in the UK?


Philippa Lamb looks at SCOTLAND's shrinking workforce.

Suffering from brain drain, the country is trying to attract immigrants to bolster the dwindling bank of skilled workers.


Philippa Lamb asks why, in an age when women are succeeding in many careers which their mothers would never have considered, there remain some jobs which still appear closed to them.

And can men be persuaded to consider women's work?