02 LAST20130925In the second of two programmes, business journalist Lesley Curwen, reports on how prepared top NHS leaders are to transform failing cultures in their hospitals.
In the shadow of the appalling treatment by patients at Mid Staffordshire and elsewhere, when senior NHS managers prioritised targets instead of patient care, Lesley hears from some of the most senior leaders in the health service about how they now intend to switch their focus.
She visits the new top team at struggling Barking, Havering and Redbridge in greater London and discovers the challenges facing the Chairman and the new senior executive team as they try lift the Trust's poor performance.
Managers from South Tees tell Lesley that culture is "the way you do things when nobody's looking" and they show how investing in staff can translate into better patient care.
And as the NHS adapts to the radical reorganisation of 2013, Lesley asks how clinical commissioning and budget cuts will affect managers' drive to restore NHS culture and put high quality, compassionate patient care at the top of the agenda.
Producer: Fiona Hill.