The News From Poland


Programme Catalogue - Details: 1990121719901217

Producer: PIASECKI, Andy


SBH:`Snapshots' from the life of news vendor Wladislaw Piasecki, who came to Britain after WWII. A brush with the Gestapo in his native Poland led him on a turbulent journey via Yugoslavia, Greece & Italy. Compiled & devised by Andy Piasecki. Produced by Piers Plowright.

PRE:Caught by Gestapo whilst saving his sister, who was out during the curfew. Shipped to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece to repair bridges, etc. for German army. Anecdote about saving Greek girl, whose family befriended him. Escaped to Italy; returned to Greece to fight behind the lines. Life in England; his family. Job as newsagent. Not been naturalised British - likes his nationality. People would still call him a foreigner.

Broadcast history

17 Dec 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Piers Plowright (Producer)

Andy Piasecki (Producer)

Wladislaw Piasecki (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 450730