News From North Britain

Five new stories from Scotland.



by Ali Smith. An anorexic girl is given a computer pet to nurture while she is in hospital. If she does not keep pressing the buttons, it will die. Reader Vicki Liddelle.

02Mystic Lotus19990122

by Ellen Galford. Great-uncle Hugh goes to Blackpool and returns with a new wife. Her exuberant taste in clothes and exotic make-up make her a clear winner in her new family's `black sheep Olympics'. Reader Maureen Beattie

03Coloured Lights19990205

by Leila Aboulela. For a young journalist working for the World Service, the Christmas lights of shop windows in London spark off a series of memories of life - and death - in Sudan.

04The Thatched Roof, The Roadside Madonna And The Banjo19990225

By Bill Duncan. Michael Mackenzie reads the intriguing tale of the little-known marriage between Gaelic and Negro cultures in the 18th century and its impact on the music and songs of the Western Isles of Scotland.

05 LASTCargo Cult19990326

A comic story by Alexander Mccall Smith about an anthropologist who investigates a remote tribe in New Guinea that worships Elvis Presley. Reader Crawford Logan