New Years Day Concert


New Year's Day Concert - Part 120090101

Daniel Barenboim conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in the concert from the Musikverein.

Pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim directs the Vienna Philharmonic's uplifting New Year's Day concert for the first time, live from the Musikverein, Vienna. There are sparkling waltzes by all three members of the Strauss family, including some pieces with an oriental twist that reflect Vienna as a meeting point between East and West, plus music by Haydn and Hellmesberger.

Presented by Brian Kay.

Vienna Philharmonic

  • Daniel Barenboim (conductor)

    Johann Strauss (1825-1899): overture (a night in venice) (berlin version); marchen aus dem orient, op 444; annen-polka, op 117; schnellpost-polka, op 159; roses from the south, op 388; freikugeln, op 326

    Piers Burton-page visits opatija, now in croatia, a holiday resort in the habsburg empire.

    Piers Burton-page takes the habsburg riviera express to visit opatija, now in croatia, a holiday resort during the era of the austrian empire, where affluent citizens took breaks in search of healthy waters and weather. it attracted many famous guests including James Joyce, Anton Chekhov, gustav mahler and isadora duncan

  • New Year's Day Concert - Part 220090101

    With Johann Strauss: Overture; Entrance March (Gypsy Baron); Josef Strauss: Spharenklange.

    Brian Kay presents the conclusion of the Vienna Philharmonic's uplifting New Year's Day concert, with pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim directing for the first time.

    Johann Strauss (1825-1899): Overture; Entrance March (The Gypsy Baron); Schatz-Walzer, Op 418

  • Johann Strauss: eljen a magyar! op 332
  • Johann Strauss: so angstlich sind wir nicht, op 413 (encore); blue danube waltz, op 314 (encore); radetzky march, op 228 (encore)
  • Johann Strauss: zampa galopp; alexandrinen-polka, op 198; unter donner und blitz, op 324
  • josef strauss (1827-1870): spharenklange, op 235
  • joseph haydn (1732-1809): symphony no 45 in f sharp minor (farewell) (4th mvt)
  • joseph hellmesberger (1855-1907): danse espagnole