New Shoots, Old Tips

Caroline Holmes digs over 2,000 years of gardening tips and talks to modern horticulturists to discover whether any of the old advice still applies.


0101Through Cunning With Dibble2001051320020527
0102Spread Whole Baskets Of Dung2001052020020528

She meets Katie Butler, head gardener of the historic gardens at Yalding, to discuss the wide range of smelly and macabre products used in the past for improving soil fertility.

0103Seeds Should Be Tried Like Witches2001052720020529

She meets seed biologist Dr Robin Probert of the Millennium Seedbank Project, to discuss seed-growing advice from the past.

0104 LASTTo The Realms Of Light I Summoned The Worms2001060320020530

She talks to horticultural pest expert Peter Blackburne-Maze about the virtues of wine, mares' bones and other ancient methods of deterring garden pests.

0201Weeding - A Fascinating Employment?2002111720040425

Boiling water, dandelion hooks and moral zeal - before the advent of chemical weedkillers, gardeners had to rely on their wits to rid the garden of weeds.

0202Boundaries Of Taste2002112420040502

Fences, hedges, ditches or walls - what's the best way to protect your garden? Caroline Holmes continues her rummage through old horticultural writings to discover the ingenious methods recommended by gardening pundits of the past.

0203The Fruits Of Your Labour20021201

How our ancestors learned to grow bumper fruit crops.

0204Good Husbandry Goeth Not All By Much Expense2002120820040509

The history of money-saving horticultural tips is long and distinguished.

0205A Dose Of Wholesome Horehound2002121520040516

Caroline talks to Sue Thompson about poisonous plants and how to manage them.