The New Face Of Germany


197D01East, West, Home19971015

A four-part guide to modern Germany.

1: `East, West, Home's Best'.

The Wall may have come down, but many divisions remain.

Caroline Wyatt travels to the four corners of Germany, finding out about its many different identities and its local and regional differences.

She samples Bavarian cuisine, Saxon humour and the music of the German-Turkish community.

197D02Making A Mark19971022

A four-part guide to modern Germany.

2: `Making a Mark'.

As the German economy continues to splutter, Caroline Wyatt finds out how people are coming to terms with uncertainty and unemployment.

She asks whether the problems are spread evenly between East and West and between men and women, and if there is anything left of Germany's legendary commitment to hard work.

197D03Health And Safety19971029

A four-part guide to modern Germany.

3: `Health and Safety'.

Caroline Wyatt explores the extraordinary number of rules and regulations governing German life, how successful these are in creating a peaceful society and how they affect people's attitudes.

197D04 LASTThe Importance Of Being Ernst19971105

Caroline Wyatt discovers that Germany's postwar contact with the English-speaking world has had a great influence on humour, entertainment and popular culture.

But does the underlying seriousness remain, or is it just another cliched stereotype?