The Network

Alun Lewis with the series that guides you through the information age.


Programme Catalogue - Details: 19 September 199519950919

Producer: T. MURCOTT

Next in series: 17 September 1996

Previous in series: 6/6


Pres by Alun LEWIS. Producer Toby MURCOTT.

Subject Categories

documentaries (programme format)

discussion programmes (programme format)

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artificial intelligence

social groups

calculation (mathematics)

applied sciences

use of computers

computer programs

electronic apparatus

Broadcast history

19 Sep 1995 20:30-21:00 (RADIO 4)


Alun Lewis

Angela Lamont

Toby Murcott (Producer)

Ian Dyer (Speaker)

Alan Beard (Speaker)

Roger Silverstone (sussex university (spkr)) (Speaker)

Steve Woolgar (Speaker)

Christine Guilfoyle (Speaker)

Alex Goodall (Speaker)

Liz Healey (Speaker)

Claire Madalana (Speaker)

Michael Fisher (manchester met university (spk) (Speaker)

Andrew Sutherland (oracle (spkr)) (Speaker)


The fifth of six programmes that walk through the minefield of the information age.

In this age, is power - but power to do what? Alun Lewis finds out what we can do with information and tries his hand at toppling governments by e-mail, and doing his weekly shopping from home.

197B06 LAST19970603

With internet terminals across the globe, the nature of live entertainment is changing fast.

Not only does the audience not have to turn up for a concert, neither does the band.

But is this really an interactive event, or simply a couch potato charter? Alun Lewis delves into the new world of networked performance.

197D01Ghosts In The Machine19971118

How is computing power catering for those in search of spiritual enlightenment?

197D02Creativity From The Keyboard19971125

In 1946, an obscure Russian patent clerk published a new theory on the creativity of invention considered so radical that it cost him 10 years in the Gulag.

His methods have now been rediscovered and computerised, with remarkable results.

197D03Digitally Decisive19971202

Does having access to more information mean that we always make better decisions? Alun Lewis puts computing power to the test.


Computer dating is now commonplace.

But what about computer sex? Long-lost friends and new-found lovers are meeting anonymously in cyberspace.

Alun Lewis asks if cybersex can lead to cyberadultery? And what if that long-lost friend is not who they seem to be?

197D05Whose Fault Is It Anyway?19971216

Even in the digital age, Murphy's Law lives on - if it can go wrong, it will.

We love to point the finger at technology, but who is really to blame?

197D06The Future19971223

Alun Lewis and guests contemplate the future.

How will we work and play in the 21st century and beyond? Will information rule - or has it already taken over?