Neighbourhood Watch



What does your postcode say about you? Perhaps rather more than you might at first think.

Presenter Alan Dein finds out how the postcode was introduced by the Post Office 30 years ago in order to speed up mail delivery.

Since then it's also become a subtle marketing tool that uses postcodes to categorise the UK population according to our spending patterns and consumer profile.

Chances are, your postcode says more about you and the kind of person you are than you?d like to think.

Alan Dein finds out how, since their nationwide introduction by the Post Office 30 years ago, postcodes have become indicative of class and income. It?s now the precision weapon of choice in the armoury of junk mail companies, consumer researchers, insurance brokers, and many others.


By: Peter Whalley

Starring: Malcolm Hebden/David Calder/Lesley Nicol.