Neglected Classics - Nightingale Wood


02 LAST20111015

by Stella Gibbons dramatised for radio by Christopher William Hill


In this sparkling pre-war comedy of manners, the young, widowed and pretty Viola Wither finally has the chance to escape her stifling in-laws in Essex.

Whilst they are spending a month in the Lakes, she and her sister-in-law Tina escape to Stanton on Sea.

Viola is still pining for the dashing Victor Spring - who has kissed her - and Tina for the beautiful chauffeur, Saxon - likewise.

But is it all hopeless?

Tina - Victoria Hamilton

Mother/Nellie - Dinah Stabb

Father/Falger - Paul Moriarty

Viola - Francine Chamberlain

Victor - Simon Bubb

Saxon - Adam Billington

Edna/Fawcuss - Adjoa Andoh

Hetty - Alex Rivers

Phyllis - Joan Walker

Spurrey - Ian Masters

Madge - Victoria Inez Hardy

Uncle Frank - James Lailey

Miss Cattyman - Judith Coke

Mr Brodhurst/Cotton - Gerard McDermott

Director/producer Marion Nancarrow.

Stella Gibbons' sparkling comedy of manners dramatised by Christopher William Hill.