Nearest And Dearest

A week of stories about the complex nature of families.


01Dinner On The Roof2000071720010218

by Gee Williams, read by Gareth Morris. In Canada, a Welsh pioneer family awaits the return of the father from a dangerous journey in the snow in search of food.


by Celia Bryce, read by Nicola Hemsley. A teenage daughter persuades her father that it is time to wash the sheets.

03Touch And Go2000071920010304

by Sian Preece, read by Lois Charlton. A girl sits with her mother on a long flight, trying to find ways to pass the time.

04The Pilot Light2000072020010311

by Rhodri Clarke, read by Sue Roderick. An encounter with a tour bus triggers Mama's memories of her Polish family's capture by Russians during the war.

05 LASTFlying Blind2000072120010318

by Sian Preece, read by Eiry Thomas.

A Welsh family sets off for their first holiday in Spain.

Grandad has not been invited, but he accompanies them to the airport.