Nathan The Wise



By Gotthold Lessing Translated and adapted by Edward Kemp.

Michael Feast and Jeffrey Kissoon star in the Chichester Festival Theatre production of Lessing's passionate plea for religious tolerance set in Jerusalem at the time of the Third Crusade.

Caught between the occupying Muslim forces of Saladin and the invading armies of the West, the wise Jew Nathan must walk a fine line to preserve his integrity and his life and to protect his own dark secrets.

Nathan....Michael Feast Saladin....Jeffery Kissoon The Knight Templar....Geoffrey Streatfeild Rachel....Kay Curram Daya....Darlene Johnson Sittah....Noma Dumezweni Al-Hafi the Dervish....Jonathan Cullen The Lay Brother....Steven Beard The Patriarch....Alfred Burke Violin....Megan Pound Cello....Benjamin Hess Edward Kemp (director) From the original Chichester Stage production by Steven Pimlott.