The Nallon Tapes

Series in which against all odds, comedian and impressionist Steve Nallon has discovered secret MI5 surveillance tapes exposing Britain's rich and powerful.


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20041001 (BBC7)

Including the true identity of the Queen Mother, Julian Clary's attempt to become the country's football tsar and a plot to return Mrs Thatcher to power.

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This week, the tapes that reveal Tony Blair visited the medium Doris Stokes, the Queen was coached by Dame Edna Everage and Enoch Powell made startling confessions to Claire Raynor.

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This week, the tapes reveal Pam Ayres in her desperate attempts to be the next poet laureate, Julie Andrew's confessions to Claire Rayner and Bruce Forsyth's quest to become a classical actor.

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This week, the Pope bears his soul to Claire Rayner and a national institution is exposed as a cover for international spying.

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This week, Kenneth Williams is revealed as the world's most brutal agony aunt.

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This week, we hear Alan Bennett's bizarre plans to rewrite a classic and Barbra Streisand's censored appearance on `Desert Island Discs'.