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20040709 (BBC7)
20040710 (BBC7)

Mind your Ps and Qs! Classic humour from October 1980 with Frank Muir, Denis Norden, Antonia Fraser and Phylis Powell.

1980000020040702 (BBC7)

Classic humour from 1980 with Frank Muir, Denis Norden and Phylis Powell.

Classic Humour From 1980 With Frank Muir, Denis Norden And Phylis Powell.20040703 (BBC7)

Classic humour from 1980 with Frank Muir, Denis Norden and Phylis Powell.

Frank Muir, Dilys Powell, Dennis Norden And Gillian Reynolds Are On The Panel To Discuss A Monkey's20040716 (BBC7)
20040717 (BBC7)


Steve Race Is In The Chair For The Musical Panel Game With John Amis, Frank Muir, Ian Wallace And De20040806 (BBC7)
20040807 (BBC7)

Steve Race is in the chair for the musical panel game with John Amis, Frank Muir, Ian Wallace and Denis Norden.

3109To Fly A Flag Of Distress; Gillian Reynolds1980102320030704 (BBC7)
3111Dromophobia1980120720030711 (BBC7)
321982021320030725 (BBC7)
3201Good Morning Gentlemen Both1981123020030718 (BBC7)
3301Macaronic, Numbles, Pragmatic,discobolus1982120820030801 (BBC7)
3307Baldric, Roselytise, Fustian, Rebus1983011920030808 (BBC7)
3311Fumarole, Turbary, Tergiversation, Contango1983021620030815 (BBC7)
3312Quincunx, Burlap, Erg, Odalisque1983022320030822 (BBC7)
3501Pollical, Nugatory, Cordwainer,oojiboo1984120420030829 (BBC7)
3505Febrifuge, Jeremiad, Cumshaw, Titubation1985010820030905 (BBC7)
3508Caprification, Flocculent, Troglodyte, Floccinaucinihilipilification1985012920030912 (BBC7)
3513-SEPLimbo, Incubus, Asphodel, Nubile1985000020030919 (BBC7)
3513-SEPLimbo, Incubus, Asphodel, Nubile1985xxxx20030919 (BBC7)
3602Gizzard, Samite, Lurid, Luscious1986010720030926 (BBC7)