My Pakistani Jazz Orchestra



Izzat Majeed could have retired quietly, but instead he formed the Sachal Jazz Ensemble and built a music studio in Lahore. The London-based father of three was born and brought up in Lahore. He recalls a vibrant city full of music and culture. When he was a child, Lollywood - Pakistan's film industry - was producing 100 movies a year. He recalls seeing the Dave Brubeck Trio playing in the city as part of America's Jazz Ambassador's Tour. This was the start of a lifelong affection for jazz. As the years passed, a more religious and less culturally tolerant society took shape in Pakistan. Izzat was extremely disheartened by this. Lollywood all but disappeared, and the classical musicians at it's heart disappeared with it. They had to make ends meet in any way they could. when he retired, he decided to do something about it, and the Sachal Jazz Ensemble was born.