My Name Is Stephen Luckwell



By Nick Wood.

Stephen Luckwell is an autistic teenager with an enquiring mind.

His teacher, Claire, helps him through the daily activities which present him with enormous challenges, from deciphering phrases such as "I was miles away" or "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes", to understanding private jokes and other people's expressions.

It's the day of the regional heats of the Young Artists' competition and Stephen is preparing how to behave.

If he's properly prepared he can behave appropriately.

Meanwhile Claire has some huge life changes in store, but she's not quite so prepared as Stephen.

Nick Wood has adapted My Name is Stephen Luckwell from his stage play, originally produced by Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout.

Stephen - James Rastall

Claire - Emily Chennery

Louis - Simon Lee Phillips

Produced and directed by Fiona Kelcher.