My Name Is Daphne Fairfax

Comedian Arthur Smith reads from his autobiography, which reflects on the nature of comedy and his days as a scruffy kid on the bombsites of Bermondsey, a wild-haired undergraduate, a road sweeper, an English teacher, a failed rock star, a boozed-up sexual adventurer and an intensive care patient who has been told never to drink again.



Arthur's thoughts on the nature of stand-up comedy and how his desire to perform led to mirthless disaster in the rough and tumble of the emerging alternative comedy circuit - a world of sharp, political and angry jesters, directing their ire at the tired old dinosaurs of light entertainment.


Arthur learns that being funny can get you laid.

And success on the comedy circuit allows him time to pursue other ideas and very different interests, which include two bizarre prison visits.


Growing up and growing old; Arthur's thoughts on the male mid-life crisis, as he faces depression.

Plus how a unique rendition of Hamlet allowed him to smile again.


Arthur confronts a near-death experience and learns what freedom really means.

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Arthur becomes an institution, meets Bill Clinton and becomes a grumpy old man, and the path of true love takes an unlikely course.