My Mother's House



By Colette, abridged in five parts by Catherine Lockerbie.

The doyenne of French literature recalls the sights, sounds and smells from her childhood in rural France, when her mother was the centre of her world.

Read by Janet Suzman (1/5).


Janet Suzman reads Colette's memoir (2/5).

Colette remembers what her father taught her of politics, and her mother of animals.


Janet Suzman reads Colette's memoir (3/5).

The young Colette is caught up in her family's traditions and ceremonies concerning marriage and childbirth.


Janet Suzman reads Colette's memoir (4/5).

Colette recalls her family's pet dog, Toutouque, and her mother's ambivalent views on religion.

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Janet Suzman concludes her reading of Colette's memoir.

Colette remembers her mother's defiant encounters with ageing and death.