My Mistress Music

Lucie Skeaping and guests explore the lives of five notorious mistresses whose talents and accomplishments went far beyond their sex appeal.


01Nell Gwyn1999020220000424

Her star quality on the all-singing, all-dancing Restoration stage captivated the King of England.

With Roger Savage, Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson.

02Madame De Pompadour1999020920000501

Her fine singing voice gave her the entree to the Court of Versailles and its ultimate prize.

With musicologist Michael Burden and historian David Parrott, both from New College, Oxford.

03Emma Hamilton1999021620000508

The great love of Horatio Nelson was renowned as much for her singing voice as her beauty.

With biographer Flora Fraser and music historian Derek McCulloch.

3: `Emma Hamilton'.

04Dora Jordan1999022320000515

Comedian, composer, singer, mother and spurned companion of Prince William, Duke of Clarence.

05 LASTMabel Batten1999030220000522

singer, composer and unorthodox Edwardian who caught the eye of the Prince of Wales.