My Inner Child


01Kirsteen Mccue2013070420130707 (RS)

Richard Woolfson talks to Dr Kirsteen McCue about how her father influenced her life.


Psychologist Richard Woolfson examines the way our childhood experiences influences as adults.

Dr Kirsteen McCue says she feels she had a fairly privileged childhood. Her father, Bill McCue was well known throughout Scotland as a singer of Scottish songs and for his work with Scottish Opera.

Richard wants to know how Bill's musical life influenced Kirsteen's own career path and discovers she shares his deep love of Scottish songs.

Meeting in Glasgow's Theatre Royal where her father regularly performed she reveals she too took to the stage there at an early age and they take a look back stage where the dressing rooms hold some particularly poignant memories for Kirsteen.

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Psychologist Richard Woolfson examines the way our childhood experiences influences as adults.

Jane McCarry is best known for her role as the indefatigable Isa Drennan in the television sitcom Still Game and as Granny Murray in the CBeebies series Me Too!

Intrigued by the number of times Jane's played the part of older women Richard's determined to discover if there are people from her childhood that she bases these characters on.

Talking to Richard about growing up in Glasgow Jane brings two childhood toys which hold special memories for her, a musical jewel box and a doll that sparks an extraordinary revelation.

03Karen Koren2013071820130721 (RS)

3/5 Psychologist Richard Woolfson examines the way our childhood experiences influences us as adults.

Karen Koren is the founder and creative force behind the Gilded Balloon which provides a forum for writers and stand-up comedians at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and beyond.

Growing up in Edinburgh she tells Richard that both her parents had come over separately from Norway and she enjoyed celebrating Norwegian festivals and being a little different to her school pals.

Talking on the shores of the Firth of Forth at Cramond she reveals some of the happy memories the area holds for her and discloses a tragic incident when she was an eleven years old that changed the course of her childhood and subsequent outlook on life.

04Angus Macnicol2013072520130728 (RS)

4/5 Psychologist Richard Woolfson asks his guest to recall poignant moments from their childhood.

Speaking in his home in the Scottish Borders Angus MacNicol tells Richard about growing up in the remote village of Uig on the Isle of Skye in the 1950's

Angus recalls fishing with 'The Murderer' in Uig Bay, the death of his father and how he feels the education system failed him.

Reciting some of his own poetry Angus explains how he draws inspiration from his childhood days in much of his work.

05 LASTGhillie Basan2013080820130811 (RS)

Food and travel writer Ghillie Basan talks about her childhood days in East Africa.

Child Psychologist Richard Woolfson has a special interest in the way our childhood influences the way we are as adults.

He travels to Ghillie's very remote home in the Scottish Highlands where he's immediately struck by the buffalo skull by her backdoor. Inside he sees many artefacts from her childhood years in Keyna and hears of encounters with elephants and lions and adventures going camping in the bush.

Ghillie was introduced to many new foods and spices at that time which has influenced her career as a food and travel writer and she prepares a traditional Kenyan dish for Richard to try.