My Heart's A Suitcase



David Edgar introduces a new production of "My Heart's a Suitcase" by Clare McIntyre.

McIntyre was one of the new generation of women playwrights who emerged with huge impact in the 1980s and this was one of her best-known plays from 1990.

Two young women take a weekend break in Brighton but find that you can never really escape from your feelings, fear, money and the lack of it.

Chris and Hannah are close friends and they decide to take up an offer of a weekend in Brighton, staying in a large but empty, seafront flat.

Although they are close friends, they are very different, Hannah has MS but is accepting of her lot, her glass is always half full, Chris on the other hand is healthy but wishes she had more of everything and finds life hard to accept, her glass is always half empty!

Over the weekend they encounter Elliot, a down on his luck homeless man who has been squatting in the flat and Tunis, the wealthy wife of the owner of the flat, who is and has everything Chris and Hannah are and have not! It is a weekend of visitations and attempts to confront the truth and with help, lighten and enlighten the load.

David Edgar was a colleague of Clare McIntrye's, who died in 2009.

Music by Stephanie Nunn


Chris - Charlotte Emmerson

Hannah - Poppy Miller

Elliot - Sean Baker

Luggage - Sylvestra Le Touzel

Pest - Sid Mitchell

Tunis - Paloma Baeza

Director: Celia de Wolff.

Play about two young women on holiday in Brighton confronting the truth about their lives.