My Brother God And The Ban Yan Tree



By Dusty Hughes.

A play set in India in the 1910s against the backdrop of the struggle for independence from British rule.

After British social reformer and Indian nationalism supporter Annie Besant joins the Indian National Congress to fight for independence from British rule, her appointment of a local schoolboy as a near-Messiah figure in the Hindu-style cult she presides over brings criticism.

How does the naive youth cope with such a change in his life expectations?

Annie Besant....Suzanne Bertish

Krishna....James Gandhi

Nityam....Akbar Kurtha

Leadbeater....Tim Pigott-smith

Arundale....Stephen Hogan

Mrs Van Hook....Christine Kavanagh

Jiddu....Nadim Sawalha

Gokhale....Kaleem Janjua

Harrington....Sam Dale

Pentland....Philip Fox

Rosalind....Emerald Fennell

Francis....Matt Addis

Hubert....Benjamin Askew

McKenzie....Malcolm Tierney

Directed by Peter Kavanagh.

An ordinary young Indian boy is chosen to become a religious figurehead.

But can he cope?