My Boy



A lonely young woman and an isolated teenager share the secret of her miracle baby.

Lisa is being rehoused, providing a fresh start for her and the baby she is expecting. She makes friends with Jordan, a teenage neighbour who cares for his depressed father. Lisa is under social work supervision and Claire, her worker, becomes concerned about her ability to deal with motherhood. When Jordan is intimidated by local kids, Lisa threatens the bullies and the police are called. Lisa barricades herself in her flat and waits for her baby, the angel she believes will save her from the real world.

My Boy is an uplifting new play by theatre writer Laura Lomas, exploring a modern miracle. It has been developed over nine months with lead actress Christine Bottomley, and recorded with documentary techniques, reflecting the contemporary story and characters.

Laura Lomas was one of six writers selected for the Paines Plough / Channel 4 Future Perfect scheme in 2009. She has been produced by Paines Plough, Nottingham Playhouse, and Hampstead and New Perspectives theatre companies. Her radio plays include Lucy Island (BBC Radio3, The Wire) and Siren (BBC Radio3, The Verb).

Writer: Laura Lomas

Produced and directed by Polly Thomas

Sound design: Eloise Whitmore

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.