Muzio Clementi (1752-1832)

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0120070827With Donald Macleod. When Clementi was 15, Sir Peter Beckford took an interest in the young composer's musical talent and struck a deal with his father in Rome to take the boy to London, which became his base for the rest of his long and busy life.|Sonatina, Op 36 No 1|Daniel Blumenthal (piano)|Symphony No 3 (Great National)|Philharmonia Orchestra|Claudio Scimone (conductor)|Sonata in D, Op 40 No 3|Pietro De Maria (piano).
0220070828Donald Macleod looks at the relationship between Clementi and three great composers of his time: Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.|Sonata in B flat, Op 24 No 2|Nikolai Demidenko (piano)|Symphony in B flat, Op 18|London Mozart Players|Matthias Bamert (conductor)|Sonata in G minor, Op 34 No 2|Christopher Czaja Sager (piano).
0320070829Donald Macleod finds out what effect the many women in Clementi's life had on his music.|Trio in C, Op 22 No 3 (La Chasse)|Faure Trio|Sonata in F minor, Op 13 No 6|Andreas Staier (piano)|Symphony No 2 in D|Philharmonia Orchestra|Claudio Scimone (conductor).
0420070830As well as a virtuoso pianist, Clementi was world famous as a piano maker and teacher. Donald Macleod looks at his relationship with two of his more famous pupils, Cramer and Field, and we hear one of his sonatas being played on a Clementi piano.|Adagio sostenuto in F (Gradus ad Parnassum)|Vladimir Horowitz (piano)|Sonata in A, Op 2 No 4|Carlo Grante (piano)|Piano Concerto in C|Felicja Blumental (piano)|Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg|Leopold Hager (conductor)|Sonata in D, Op 25 No 6|Peter Katin (piano).
05 LAST20070831With Donald Macleod. Clementi became a founding member of what is the second oldest concert society in the world, The Royal Philharmonic, formerly The London Philharmonic.|Prelude in the Style of Haydn|Andreas Staier (piano)|Symphony No 4 in D|Philharmonia Orchestra|Francesco D'Avalos (conductor)|Sonata in G minor, Op 50 No 3|Mario Patuzzi (piano).