Musical Side Of The Family, The

A series about musical families.

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0101Claire Tomalin1999030919990811A series about musical families.Claire Tomalin talks about her mother - the composer Muriel Herbert - who was one of the first women to study composition at the Royal College of Music and who was a friend of Joyce and Yeats.|Claire Tomalin talks about her mother, the composer Muriel Herbert, one of the first women to study composition at the Royal College of Music.
0102Rt Rev Brian Hannon1999031619990818the Rt Rev Brian Hannon of Clogher talks about the pleasures and challenges of having a rock-star son.|Neil Hannon is lead singer of the Divine Comedy and author of `Generation Sex'.
0103Alison Smith1999032319990825Art historian Alison Smith talks about her marriage to Donald Swann, his dislike of the `Hippopotamus Song', his pacifist work for the Quakers in Greece during the war, and his remarkable surge of creative energy when stricken with cancer.|With songs specially recorded by baritone Richard Lloyd-Morgan.
0104Pieter-dirk Uys1999033019990901South African satirist, playwright and drag artist Pieter-Dirk Uys talks about an apartheid childhood in Cape Town with his sister, the concert pianist Tessa Uys.|Their mother was Jewish pianist Helga Bassel, who fled the Nazis in 1937.
0105Luke Zander1999040619990908London GP Luke Zander talks about his relationship with his brother Ben, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, who is also one of America's stars in the world of motivational business seminars.
0106 LASTCountess Of Harewood1999041319990915The Countess of Harewood recalls her extraordinary musical life.|She has been closely associated with some of the century's greatest musical figures, including Maria Callas and Benjamin Britten.|She was born in Australia and is the sister of Barry Tuckwell, one of the world's finest horn players.
0201Derek Garrett20000523baker, railway signalman and enthusiastic Yorkshireman Derek Garrett talks about his relationship with his daughter Lesley, about fame, and about how a porter's daughter turned him into a junior school headmaster.
0202Helen Lewis20000530In light of recent accusations of Holocaust denial, Czech-born dancer Helen Lewis tells the remarkable story of how she survived Auschwitz with the help of a waltz from Coppelia.
0203Kiffer Finzi20000606, son of composer Gerald Finzi, reveals what it is like to have a famous father.|He talks candidly about his long-standing marriage to Jacqueline Du Pre's sister, and his relationship with the great cellist, which caused such a furore.
0204Paul Strang20000613Retired solicitor Paul Strang talks for the first time about being the illegitimate son of conductor Sir Thomas Beecham and describes the extraordinary life that this has given him.
0205George Galway20000620remembers his childhood with his brother James, the flautist, on the streets of Protestant North Belfast.|George has spent his life playing jazz and teaching clarinet to Manchester schoolchildren, while James is internationally famous.|George examines the influence of flute bands on the family and recalls how his father reacted when James announced that he might convert to Catholicism.
0206 LASTLady Solti20000627recalls how her life changed on the day when, as young TV reporter Valerie Pitts, she was sent to interview one of the world's most famous conductors - Sir Georg Solti, whom she later married.
0301Jamie Bernstein2002091020030407, daughter of Leonard Bernstein, talks candidly about life with a father who could be simultaneously musical genius and monster, a secret homosexual and a happy family man.
0302Janet Ellis2002091720030414talks about her life.|She was famously dismissed as a Blue Peter presenter when she got pregnant out of wedlock.|Most people did not realise that she already had an eight-year-old child.
0303Ross Nye2002092420030421Horseman Ross Nye was an Australian jackaroo who left his job rounding up cattle deep in the Outback to marry a young concert pianist.|Astonishingly, they formed a deep friendship with Claudio Arrau, one of the 20th century's most famous musicians and found themselves accompanying him round the world.
0304 LASTAnila Rubinstein2002100120030428, daughter of Artur, the renowned pianist, humanitarian and bon viveur, reveals how at home he could be an insecure and tyrannical parent.
0401Maria Friedman2006011020060114recently made her Broadway debut, starring in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's new musical version of The Woman in White.|Three weeks before opening, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.|The show's producer, her sister Sonia Friedman, talks about their traumatic experience and the remarkable musical family in which they both grew up.
04022006011720060121In 1974, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was forced to leave the USSR for a new life in rural Vermont.|His son Stephan remembers an idyllic childhood there helping his mother with the Nobel prizewinner's latest writings and growing up with his brother Ignat who has become one of America's most acclaimed young concert pianists.
04032006012420060128Philosopher Mary Warnock reflects on a family life which has been dominated by music for over 80 years.|It includes her daughter's meeting as a young cellist with Rostropovich, and the extraordinary trip she and her son Felix made to Moscow with Britten and Pears when her brother was an ambassador there.