Musical Legends


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1/1 Janis Ian has written songs for some of the best known artists in the business. Glen Campbell, Nanci Griffith, Bette Middler, Dusty Springfield and Nina Simone have all recorded her material.

As a singer her song 'Society's Child' written when she was only 14 and dealing with the issue of interracial relationships was banned by some radio stations as being subversive.

Janis's best known and most successful song 'At Seventeen', dealing with teenage angst, won her two Grammy's and led to appearances on some of the top rated TV shows at the time.

Tom Morton talks to Janis talks about her writing and recording career from the 1960's to the present and she gives him an insight into her extraordinary life.


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Gary Numan talks to Tom Morton about electronic music, songwriting and his love of flying.


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Gary Numan talks to Tom Morton about electronic music, songwriting and his love of flying.


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Gary Numan had hit records with the songs 'Are Friends Electric' and 'Cars'.

A pioneer in the field of electronic music his work on record and live remains potent and relevant.

Ahead of a tour which includes a gig in Glasgow on the 23rd of May 2012, he gives Tom Morton a frank and in-depth interview.

With music from his back catalogue they talk about his long career in music, the role his wife Gemma played in reviving his career and the story of how he wrote his greatest hit song in only ten minutes.

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With top ten hit records including 'A Teenager in Love', 'Donna' and 'Sea of Love' Marty Wilde was one of Britain's first rock and roll stars.

Recording originally under the name Reg Patterson in the 1950's a name change to Marty Wilde launched a career which was to see him appear regularly on hit TV shows of the era including Six-Five Special and Oh Boy!

Marty tells Tom Morton how it all began for him and how his own children have followed him into the business. Tom plays some of Marty's best known tracks and hears how he still loves to pick up the guitar and get back on the road.