Music For A Tenner

Richard Collins travels the world in search of cheap musical instruments.


0101Keyboards And Stringed Instruments2003080420031007

This edition looks at keyboards and stringed instruments.

0102Percussion Instruments2003080520031008

This edition looks at percussion instruments.

0103Nose Flutes2003080620031009

This edition features the extraordinary sound of the nose flutes of the Pacific Islands.


Richard Collins investigates the world of the musically inexpensive.

The humble kazoo takes up the whole of today's show.

Richard meets an all-female kazoo band from Boston, discusses technique with Tim Brooke-taylor and Graham Garden of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and is subjected to the loud noise of Canada's Nihilist Spasm band, which features two customised kazoos, neither of which sounds remotely like a kazoo.

0105 LASTThe Swannee, Slide Or Song-whistle2003080820031011

Richard Collins concludes his exploration of cheap musical instruments from around the world with the swannee, slide or song-whistle.

He visits Simon Topman of Birmingham's Hudson's Whistles, makers of the definitive acme slide-whistle, learns how the swannee takes the female role in I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, meets Oliver Postgate, creator of The Clangers and discovers how the creatures from outer space came to talk.